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Empire Live

Empire hotel is a well know brand of hotels and restaurants in Bangalore. Established in 1966 it has had a great run over in over 5 decades of operations. Today Empire restaurants has over 30 outlets in various parts of Karnataka, and middle east. They wanted to  upgrade their outdoor kitchen often referred to as juice shop which serves juices, shawarmas, grill, dosa and other snacks. The design had to be modern but had to still conform to traditional aesthetics, so that the perception of affordability does not change within its customers. 

Final concept 3D model.

Initial 3D.

Concept sketches.

Segregation work spaces as per item.

Design to make food visible.

Metallic truss ceiling.

Final drawing.

Outdoor material selection.

Tile with texture to mimic real material. 

Construction at site.

Tinted glass to eliminate direct sun.

Central lighting at the junctions of truss intersections. All internal wiring. 

Base structure.

Most outlets lacked consistency.

Establishing keywords.

Empire Live! Fresh, Hygienic, Visible.

Final sample kitchen operational at Castle street, Bangalore

empire logo.png
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