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HCL 5 day innovation workshop

HCL had invited me to facilitate a 5 day innovation workshop to come out with multiple innovative ideas for one of their clients. The team was a mix bunch of various great engineers from different domains who came out with various directions from their domain expertise. The group was split in 3 teams of 5 members each and each were given a context to think about and come out with various problems and solutions using various tools of design thinking namely empathy, definition, ideate, prototype and testing. following are some images from the same.

An initial ice breaking as the entire team was a mixed lot and not peers. 

Getting down to the rules of context setting.

Teams brainstorming on their given area.

Initial brainstorming and direction sharing. 

Ideation and inter team feasibility discussion.

By the end of the workshop after 5 days. 20 Potential and well feasible ideas with business cases were presented to the client for further research and development.

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