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Trooper bicycle

Hercules decided to develop a bike looking at the craze for war based video games like call of duty, battle field etc. This project was targeted for kids between the age group of 8-14 years, it was developed in 2 sizes, one with 24"set of wheels and the other with 26"" MTB tread.   I was an intern at TICI then and very fortunate to have worked on the industrial design, the project was steered by Harikrishnan PK. This bike won the I design mark in 2016, however the production version had a lot of challenges in order to keep the costs sub 100$ retail.

Target group kids aged 8-12 years.

Form boards for styling.

Form with straight edges and chamfers.

Concept 1 3D model.

Initial sketches for trooper.

Selected directions.

Concept 2 3D model.


Prototype made with MDF, metal and M-Seal. 

Building the selected bikes in wood.

Workshop in charge assembling the wooden prototypes.

Final chosen concept that went ahead for production. 

Page from India design mark awardees list 2016.

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