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Get Set Goo...

Get Set Goo is an eco friendly toy concept. Children often tend to break their toys or get bored of their existing toys, Parents too find it difficult to keep the child engaged or buy a new toy every time. It might even add on to the financial burdens at time. Get Set Goo is a toy that marries craft activity with the conventional emotions of electronic toys. This was done in 2013.

Target group aged 4-9 years. Kids often makes stories out of objects

Remote controlled toys are the best when it comes to engaging kids.

A complete tear down of the RC.

Initial sketches to understand what could be done with the parts available.

A happy accident! Expression of a whale with just one fold.

Leveraging on the idea!

Single layer screen printed forms.

The concept in action.

R2D2, Elephant, Doll.. its limitless!

Packaging prototype.

Visual merchandise concept.

Watch video!

Backup_of_PACKAGE BOX GRAPHIC - Copy.png
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