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Schneider Electric 1 day design thinking workshop

I was fortunate enough to have hosted a 1 day innovation workshop at Schneider Electric as a part of the learning week on behalf of the design lab. We had about 20 participants. This workshop was intended to encourage R&D engineers to think creative innovation for any given situation. We often hear great engineers say that they aren't creative enough, but design thinking is precisely the tool to encourage anyone to think beyond regular possibilities. Design is a process and not a destination. My colleagues and team members Suhas Rao, Shaji Tk and Gowthaman Rajan had further encouraged and supported in carrying out this fun activity.

Introducing design thinking and its various aspects.

Explaining empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.

Separate groups brainstorming.

Our team facilitated the entire activity.

Ideation exercise.

Prototyping with given materials.

One team built out a board game to enhance the dine in experience.

One team decided to go ahead with using technology.

The last team explored ways to deliver food via air drops.

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