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Smogie : Thermal fogger

This project was done at NID when I was still studying in 2013, This was done for Ahmedabad municipal corporation. thermal fogging or fumigation has been a tested way of controlling adult vectors mosquitoes. Larvae can be controlled and there are several repellents, but its important to kill and control the population of vector borne carriers. This often to fumigate large areas is carried out by a Pulse Jet engine thermal fogger, hand held or vehicle mounted. The current equipment is still loud and has the dangers of exploding apart from the extreme heat it dissipates. This was my proposal of bettering the complex equipment making it safer, easy to use and ergonomic.

Target group are the foot soldiers who often conduct the fogging.

Product study at AMC.

A schematic of the proposed concept. 

Refined sketches to explore multiple ways of operation.

Initial sketches for the housing.

Ergonomic usability study.

Functionality diagram after product study.

Shadowing the foot soldier.

Use of 4 stroke 25CC IC engine.

Exploded sketch of the concept's architecture.

Final sketch render.

3D model of the final concept.

Bicycle mount.

Vibration damping system on the backpack attachment.

Backpack attachment.

A few mock ups in foam and MDF material. 

Page 2 article in The Times of India.

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